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“Technology has blurred the boundaries of the workplace in more ways than one. No longer limited to the confines of an office, people can now work from nearly anywhere – thanks to things like the smartphone, intuitive cloud applications and fast Wi-Fi networks” – Kineo

There’s no doubt about it – the age of AI is here.

And as Kineo reference in their ebook “How the rise of the robots is changing the skills gap”, the workplace as we know it is starting to change.

It was a great read and interesting to consider the impact that robotics, AI, and big data will have on workplaces. It seems clear that with the current changes afoot, there will be a growing emphasis on the ‘soft’ skills that at present, can only be performed by humans –

“According to LinkedIn Learning’s survey of 4,000 professionals, the most important skills employees will need, and that learning organisations must develop, are learning, leadership, communication and collaboration” – Kineo

If soft skills are crucial to the future of the workplace, then learning transfer has a key role to play in ensuring the success of workforce development.

So here’s a double edged sword to throw into the mix – how about using AI to create learning transfer…!

As workforce demographics continue to get more distributed and accustomed to mobile communication, enterprises must embrace AI chatbots to streamline their HR & Learning processes.

– 7 Ways Chatbots and AI are Disrupting HR, Chatbot Magazine


We have dabbled with this idea and developed our own AI coaching chatbot to support learning transfer – Coach M. If you’re keen to hear more about how you could incorporate AI into learning transfer at your organisation, feel free to get in touch.

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