The Good Together App Helps Build Mindfulness in Relationships

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We are often so self absorbed that we are not mindful in thinking of others. It’s good to be mindful of yourself, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

January 19, 2023
As people struggle with mental health and a loneliness epidemic in this time of immense social change, short, meaningful actions are more important than ever. Jerry Brook, Relationship Guru and Author of Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships designed a free App that is a “Game with a Purpose” to help people build their mindfulness in relationships each day in as little as 3, 5 or 7 minute increments. Users of the Good Together app can create lists for self care, career goals, relationships and more.
Mindfulness is about empathy, compassion and connection.
It’s about 4 perspectives.
The first 2 are about your perspective.
It’s about how you see yourself.
It’s about how you see others.
The second 2 are about your perspective of others.
It’s about how you think or believe that others see you.
It’s about how you think or believe that others see themselves.
“We are often so self absorbed that we are not mindful in thinking of others. It’s good to be mindful of yourself, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Studies show that helping others helps us too. Likewise, being mindful of others also helps us be mindful of ourselves.” said Author and Good Together Creator Jerry Brook.
He continued, “I created the Good Together Game app as a way to bring people together and to support their bonds. The app enhances mindfulness in relationships by removing the stresses of building interpersonal connections. As social creatures’ humans require interpersonal connections in order to survive. I agree with John Donne that No Man is an Island. People often focus on the importance of mindfulness for ourselves. However, it’s so important that we also focus on mindfulness in our relationships and not just for our own personal interests.”
The “Good Together” app is always in the palm of your hands and is also the perfect prompt for creating deeper connections with others. It’s important to remember that connections are relationships and the first and most important relationship is the one with yourself.
The app can be used for personal empowerment by creating lists for self care, career and life goals, relationships and more. It is a great tool for enhancing mindfulness in relationships and for building meaningful connections with others one interaction at a time built day after day consistently.
When playing the game with others, users begin by adding personal and professional relationships in the app. Those relationships are then added to social circles or groups of relationships.
Each social circle has a specific set of interactions. These are randomly selected tasks for meaningfully interacting according to the type of relationship.
The app randomly selects a time frame of 3, 5, or 7 minutes in duration. The app also randomly selects a player from the list of possible players and an item from the list of interactions for that social circle.
The app removes the burden of time and tasks. There is no fear of trying to decide what to do in the moment or of missing out on meaningful connections due to time constraints. The Good Together app is customizable for each user.
About Good Together App
The “Good Together” App was created to help people strengthen their personal and professional relationship through fun, personalized interactions. It was created by Author and Relationship Guru Jerry Brook. Jerry fuses his relationship experience with a background in analytics to help others maintain better relationships. As an Industrial Computer Controls Specialist, Jerry’s experience in problem solving and analytical thinking inspired him to look at relationships in a similar way. In addition, he also draws on his own personal relationships to offer practical, intelligent, and sometimes funny relationship stories and advice. He currently lives in Houston, Texas. Learn more at and

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