The 10 Best Places to Buy Jeans in 2023

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Denim is a staple fabric in most wardrobes and it’s simply impossible to imagine our closets without a pair — or several pairs, rather — of jeans. But, as much as we might love them (and as easy as they are to come by), finding the best jeans requires a bit of work, unless you know where to shop.

We researched dozens of denim brands to figure out the best places, carefully considering everything from styles offered to fit and price point. If you’re on the hunt for an amazing pair of jeans, finding the best pair online is easier than ever thanks to top denim companies like Good American, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Mother Denim, just to name a few.

Keep reading to discover PEOPLE’s picks of the best places to buy jeans online, as well as shopping advice from style expert Naina Singla. 

Good American

Leave it to Khloé Kardashian to create one of our favorite size-inclusive denim companies. From the classics to trendy silhouettes, Good American is a go-to for so many different jeans styles. With sizes ranging from 00 to 24 plus, as well as the option to choose your preferred inseam on many styles, it’s easier than ever to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans when shopping Good American. Size aside, Good American also has an easy-to-navigate website with an entire section dedicated to their jeans, and you can shop based on fit, collections, or the brand’s featured pairs, which helps when you already know what you’re looking for and don’t want to sift through dozens of styles that aren’t a fit.  

Size Range: 00-24 | Shipping Policy: Free standard shipping over $125 | Returns: Within 21 days of shipment date

The 90s Cheeky Jean


Everlane is another top denim brand that we love. The clothing company creates the most luxe-feeling garments — including denim — through the lens of sustainability with styles constructed from organic cotton and fabrics sourced from denim suppliers who recycle up to 98 percent of water use. With that in mind, Everlane’s jeans tend to have a higher price tag compared to more budget-friendly options, but you truly get what you pay for (plus, they have some excellent sales throughout the year, which can bring some denim styles down to under $30). Additionally, the brand makes shopping for denim online even easier with their extensive denim guide, which provides insights on fit and style as well as their sustainable practices. 

Size Range: 23-35 | Shipping Policy: $4.95 no rush shipping | Returns: Within 30 days of purchase

Levi's Women's Classic Straight Jeans (Standard and Plus)


We love Amazon for a number of reasons, including the fast and free shipping and abundance of brands and style options when it comes to shopping for jeans; however, perhaps the best thing about shopping on Amazon for jeans is the Try Before You Buy feature, which is available on select items and allows you to order several pairs of jeans and try them on at home before charging your credit card. The retail giant makes it easier than ever to find the perfect pair of jeans without leaving the house, which is what jeans shopping dreams are made of. In addition to the Try Before You Buy option, Amazon offers a variety of jeans from different brands, including their budget-friendly Amazon Essentials, as well as classics like Levi’s and Wrangler. 

Size Range: Varies based on brand and style | Shipping Policy: Free with Amazon Prime | Returns: Within 30 days of purchase

If you’re looking for a really great pair of jeans that don’t break the bank, Abercrombie & Fitch is where to shop. The retailer has become the internet’s favorite jean brand, not only because it offers high-quality classic and trendy styles for fair price points, but it also has curvy versions of nearly every pair of their jeans, making it pretty size-inclusive, too. On top of that, the brand carries jeans in different inseam lengths — including extra short and extra long — so you can find your ideal fit. And, while it’s no Amazon Prime, you can still get your jeans super fast when ordering online, as the brand offers same and next day delivery as well as standard and two-day shipping. 

Size Range: 23-37 (plus curve styles) | Shipping Policy: $7 standard shipping | Returns: Within 30 days of purchase

For the best cheap jeans, look no further than Old Navy. The budget-friendly brand is our go-to for affordable versions of some of our favorite trends because, despite a low price, they are high-quality. In addition to price, the brand offers one of the most size-inclusive ranges with jeans available in sizes 00 through 30 in regular, tall, and petite lengths. Plus, you can score free shipping on all orders over $25, which is one of the best free shipping policies around. 

Size Range: 00-30 (regular, tall, and petite) | Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $25 | Returns: Within 30 days of the shipment date



There’s something so timeless about a pair of Levi’s and that’s probably due to the fact that these jeans are actually durable enough to last after decades of wear. We love buying jeans from Levi’s because they feature classic denim staples in a variety of silhouettes, including some trendy styles (though, they don’t go too far in that direction since a classic pair of Levi’s is always on-trend). The brand also offers denim in both stretch and rigid fabrics, matching the preferences of practically every denim lover. On top of that, they have a fantastic return policy that allows you to return jeans within 60 days of purchase. 

Size Range: 23-34 | Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $150 | Returns: Within 60 days of purchase

Whether you prefer to shop at a department store or like a lot more options when denim shopping, Nordstrom is an excellent place to shop for your next pair of jeans. The retail mogul makes it easy to find styles you love in a range of price points, including budget, mid-range, and designer. Plus, they have some of the best sales on jeans we’ve ever seen, so you can usually get a pair of designer jeans for a fraction of the cost when shopping their Black Friday Sale, Anniversary Sale, and Half-Yearly Sale. And, to make shopping at Nordstrom even better, you get free shipping always — that’s right, there is no minimum (as well as no time frame for returns). Additionally, the brick and mortar stores offer free tailoring services, so if you buy online and still need a few tweaks, you can bring them in at no charge.

Size Range: Varies based on brand and style | Shipping Policy: Free shipping | Returns: No minimum



One of our favorite places to buy designer jeans is Mother Denim. Loved by celebrities like Meghan Markle and Gigi Hadid, Mother is home to some of our favorite classic and dressy styles that fit like a glove. From mom jeans to high-waisted flare silhouettes, the brand carries dozens of chic, high-quality jeans to choose from, whether you’re looking for something to wear while running weekend errands or a pair that is a little more office appropriate. And, since most jeans cost around or over $200, the brand’s free shipping over $50 means you’ll get free shipping every time you order a pair of jeans. 

Size Range: 23-34 | Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $50 | Returns: Within 14 days of shipment date



Pistola is home to some of the most trendy denim styles online. From their Bobbie Mid Rise Loose Straight Cargo to their crossover jeans, the brand puts a ton of play into their designs and we love them for it. Additionally, they offer designer-quality jeans — aka well constructed, designed, and durable — at mid-range prices, making them worth the investment. Overall, their jeans are well-priced for the quality, comfortable, and built to last, which is a must for denim.  

Size Range: 23-33 | Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $150 | Returns: Within 15 days of delivery date

Madewell is another one of our go-to places to shop for jeans because they not only make their own durable and well-constructed jeans — some of which have lasted us over a decade — but they also carry jeans (and other apparel items) from a variety of small brands through their Labels We Love marketplace. Additionally, the brand offers all sorts of perks for customers, including the opportunity to recycled a pair of old jeans and get $20 off your next pair at Madewell, as well as free shipping and free in-store hemming for Madewell Insider members (which is completely free to join). 

Size Range: Varies based on brand and style | Shipping Policy: $3 economy shipping, free for Madewell Insider members | Returns: Within 30 days of purchase

How to Pick the Right Place to Buy Jeans

Style and Wash 

“It’s good to find a brand you love and a brand that works for your style choice,” says Naina Singla, a fashion stylist and style expert. “Denim is a universally flattering item of clothing, but different brands focus and specialize in different types of denim.” Thus, Singla says to “make sure the brand has styles that you like” when picking a place to buy new jeans. This matters not only in having lots of versatility while shopping but also in choosing a pair of jeans that fits your personal style preferences as well as options that work for specific needs like jeans for the office or more distressed styles for running errands. 

Size and Fit 

It also helps to look at the sizes available as well as the fit details, which include the rise, length, and inseam. The rise refers to “the distance between the crotch seam and the waistband” and hints to whether a pair of jeans meet below the belly button or above for a more high-rise fit. When looking at the rise, Singla says low-rise is typically 5 to 8 inches long, while mid-rise is 8 or 9 inches and high-rise is 9 or 10 inches (and sometimes even higher). Regular, tall, and short leg lengths are also a bonus when considering places to buy jeans, as this means you can get a pair that best suits your height (and if you’re on the short end, it means you won’t need to take your jeans to a tailor to get hemmed).

Return Policy 

If you’re buying jeans online, it’s also important to consider the return policy as you don’t have to get stuck with a pair of jeans that don’t fit and miss the return window. “Jeans are something you want to achieve a perfect fit and, sometimes, it takes trying on several pairs to get it just right,” says Singla. Since every brand’s jean sizes can vary, having the flexibility to return options that are too small or too big can make the journey a little less of a headache and help you get one step closer to a perfect pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which brands are best for jeans?

    The best brands for jeans are ones that offer quality construction, a variety of styles, and excellent sizing. Our top picks for the best jean brands include — in no particular order — Good American, Abercrombie & Fitch, Everlane, Levi’s, Mother Denim, Madewell, and Pistola. Additionally, you can find a variety of brands, styles, and price points when shopping for jeans on Amazon or at Nordstrom.

  • What style of jeans are most popular?

    “Right now, it feels like there are so many jeans trends with every rise, wash, and cut available from every brand,” says Singla. With this in mind, she recommends having an open mind when shopping for jeans styles as you might end up in a cut that you never thought you’d wear. “If you are used to wearing skinny jeans, now is the time to branch out and try one of the newer denim trends,” she explains. Some of the most popular jean styles of the moment include wide-leg, bootcut, flare, straight jeans, cargo and utility pants, and a baggy silhouette.

  • Are expensive jeans worth it?

    If you’re wondering if you should invest in a pair of expensive jeans, Singla says it depends on what you’re looking for. “One of the contributing factors to high-end denim is design,” Singla explains. “Expensive jeans will have finer details versus a cheaper pair, as buttons, zippers, stitching, wash, fit, and paneling all contribute to the final price of jeans.”

    When shopping for a pair of classic jeans that will withstand the test of trends, investing in a high-end pair of jeans means they might last longer thanks to higher-quality construction. However, if you’re shopping for a trendy jean style — like cargos or high-rise bell bottoms — it might make more sense to purchase a more budget-friendly pair of jeans since you may only be wearing them for a season or two.

  • Is it better to get a size bigger or smaller in jeans?

    Since denim is constructed from cotton, it will stretch with time. With that in mind, Singla says “it’s best to go with a pair that is true to your size or a pair that is one size down or slightly snug” so you can break into it. Additionally, if a pair of jeans has a lot of stretch to begin with (meaning there is added elastane or spandex in the construction), she recommends going down a size to account for that. 

Take Our Word For It

Jessie Quinn is a contributing commerce writer for PEOPLE and has written for publications such as Byrdie, InStyle, The Spruce, NYLON, and more. In addition to her journalism experience, Jessie considers herself a jeans collector and has spent years finding the best pairs at all price points. When researching the best places to buy jeans, Jessie turned to her purpose experience as well as the insights from fashion expert Naina Singla to determine what makes a denim brand the best. As a result, she landed on this list of the best places to shop for jeans.

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