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The last three years have fundamentally reshaped working life in
ways that could very well be permanent. The pandemic ushered remote work into
the mainstream (a new normal that has proved resilient despite some managers’
best efforts), precipitated a surge in entrepreneurial activity, and prompted a
trend that has been called “The Great Resignation”.اضافة اعلانRecord numbers of people have quit their jobs altogether, while
others are redressing their work-life balance by “quiet quitting”.Whether you are on the cusp of a career pivot, considering
starting a business, or just trying to navigate office politics at your current
job, these six podcasts will help you figure out those next steps.
‘ZigZag’Podcast fans are likely familiar with the voice of Manoush
Zomorodi, a longtime host of WNYC’s “Note to Self,” who originally started this
show to chronicle a career pivot. In 2018, Zomorodi and Jen Poyant, then her
co-host, both quit their public radio jobs to launch their own crypto-funded
production company, with the goal of finding a kinder, more sustainable
approach to entrepreneurship. The first three seasons of “ZigZag” charted the ups and downs of
that experience in compelling and vulnerable fashion, and post-pandemic the
show has shape-shifted to focus on interviews with “unusual dynamos” who defy
business norms (like Ben Chestnut, a co-founder of MailChimp who has refused to
take money from venture capitalists). More recently, the sixth season sees
Zomorodi sharing a step-by-step road map for listeners seeking a career reset.Starter episode: “Step 1: The Pulse”

‘The Art of Speaking Up’A wealth of evidence has established that women face unique
challenges in the workplace: They are less likely to speak up; more likely to
underestimate their value; and face the so-called “double bind” dilemma of
being perceived as either competent or likable in leadership roles, but not
both. And while standard advice often focuses on telling women how to change
their behavior without addressing the psychology and socialization that
underpin it, “The Art of Speaking Up” tackles both. Inspired by her own experiences of intense impostor syndrome at
her first corporate job, Jessica Guzik started this podcast five years ago, and
has since released more than 200 episodes covering subjects including salary
negotiation, working motherhood and the contentious (and gendered) role of the
exclamation point in work emails.Starter episode: “Why Assertiveness Can Feel So Hard, Icky, and Uncomfortable (Assertiveness, Part 1)”

‘How’s Work? With Esther Perel’Esther Perel has made her name primarily as a couples counselor,
sharing many of her insights on her hit podcast “Where Should We Begin?” But as
Perel argues, the psychological patterns of our romantic relationships also
show up in other contexts, including the workplace. Inspired by her own
experience of working with a business partner for the first time, Perel created
“How’s Work?” in which she conducts sessions with co-workers, business
partners, and others whose relationships have been formed, upended, or even
destroyed by the places they work. The conversations are just as intimate and intense as any
traditional couple’s therapy session, demonstrating just how many ways there
are for the lines between professional and personal to blur.Starter episode: “My Promotion Ended Our Friendship”

‘How I Built This’This NPR series explores the origin stories of some of the most
well-known brands in the world, through the eyes of their creators. You do not
need to have any entrepreneurial spirit whatsoever to be engaged, especially
because many of its episodes center on classic underdog stories. The show’s
first interviewee, Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, had twice failed the
LSAT and was selling fax machines door to door when she came up with the idea
for the shapewear company. Beto Perez, another interviewee, created Zumba on the spur of
the moment after bringing the wrong music to a dance class he was teaching. Guy
Raz, the host, consistently draws out humanizing details and specific memories
from his guests, ensuring that “How I Built This” is more than a rote
collection of success stories.Starter episode: “Spanx: Sara Blakely”

‘Good Life Project’There’s now a plethora of self-help podcasts offering
inspirational tips on how to live a more meaningful life, but back in 2012,
when “Good Life Project” began releasing episodes, it was one of just a
handful. The show is not specifically about work, so much as the broader
question of finding purpose in one’s life, and career choice inevitably plays a
huge role in those conversations. Jonathan Fields, the host, interviews guests from all walks of
life including authors, doctors, and psychologists, many of whom share stories
of the experiences that changed their outlook or offer novel ways to approach
familiar problems. At a time when so many people are reconsidering their
relationship with work, the show’s holistic approach to fulfillment is bound to
resonate.Starter episode: “What Should I Do With My Life? First, Do

‘StartUp’One of the first podcasts produced by Gimlet Media was this
enjoyably high-concept show about the process of launching the company itself.
The first season of “StartUp” documented “what happens when someone who knows
nothing about business starts one,” as self-deprecatingly told by Alex
Blumberg, a co-founder of Gimlet, and offered a candid and endearing glimpse
into the uncertainty and terror of entrepreneurship. Subsequent seasons have delved into the rocky origin stories of
other companies, including a matchmaking app called Dating Ring and the video
streaming company Twitch (now owned by Amazon). But perhaps the most essential
season of all is the most recent, which offered a welcome change from
tech-focused startup stories in chronicling the founding of Success Academy,
New York City’s polarizing network of charter schools.Starter episode: “Gimlet 1: How Not To Pitch A Billionaire”Read more LifestyleJordan News

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