Mystore launches ONDC connector for Shopify sellers

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Mystore®, the first ONDC-connected marketplace, launches the new ONDC Shopify channel that enables Shopify sellers to migrate their product catalogue from Shopify and upload it on the ONDC network with just a few clicks.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a novel initiative by the Government of India, aimed to democratise e-commerce in India by bringing together sellers and buyers pan-India on a common digital network. ONDC aims to sign up 900 million buyers on its shared network in the next five years and help sellers have access to a wider customer base.

The Shopify channel from Mystore is designed to help Shopify merchants to add an organic sales channel to their store to reach these buyers on the ONDC network. Shopify merchants can make use of the ONDC connection by simply signing up on Mystore Seller App. Sellers do not have to bear any upfront cost to set up their store on the Mystore marketplace. The merchants only need to pay a nominal transaction fee per order when they start getting orders via ONDC Buyer Apps.

ONDC solves many of the pain points of the sellers also. It has a wide range of leading logistics providers connected to the network which makes order fulfilment easier for Shopify sellers. Mystore further simplifies fulfilment for Shopify sellers by allowing them not only to use one of the ONDC’s On-Network logistics providers but also lets them connect their own accounts with logistics providers.

Mystore has other powerful features to make tax compliance, invoicing and billing simpler for sellers. With its built-in tax engine, Mystore also takes care of GST tax calculation and GST-compliant invoicing for Shopify sellers. By taking the HSN code of various products, the Mystore platform automatically calculates the IGST, CGST, and SGST rates based on the location of the buyers and sellers. Sellers also have the choice to specify prices inclusive or exclusive of GST to the end customer.Mystore also has built-in tools to help sellers manage different locations and different brands from one single account.

Besides enabling selling on its ONDC connected Marketplace, Mystore also lets Shopify sellers have their D2C Storefront and connect their own domain. To help establish better connect with their target customers, Mystore offers built-in solutions to make the stores available in different languages. Currently Mystore supports Hindi and Kannada but plans to add Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. Unlike Shopify, there is ZERO monthly subscription fee to run an online store on Mystore.

Highlighting how the Mystore Shopify-Connect channel will help merchants, Mr. Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal, CEO & Co-Founder, Mystore said, ”ONDC is going to be the vehicle of growth for millions of sellers across India. By offering a feature-rich solution to explore ONDC Mystore aims to empower Shopify merchants and include them in the hypergrowth of the booming Indian e-commerce landscape. Mystore’s ONDC Shopify Channel will help Shopify sellers access a wider customer base, reduce costs and avail various services from other network participants.” Mystore plans to extend its services for sellers on other platforms by adding ONDC channels for WordPress, Magento and Amazon sellers soon.

About Mystore Mystore® is an ONDC-connected marketplace helping SMEs and enterprise brands leverage the ONDC network to accelerate their growth. With its Seller App and Buyer app for ONDC, Mystore enables seamless selling for buyers on the Open Network for Digital Commerce. Mystore’s cutting-edge e-commerce solutions are built on StoreHippo® – the leading enterprise e-commerce platform powering top enterprise brands across the globe. Mystore enables hyperlocal businesses and SMEs to join the ONDC ecosystem and explore the vast Indian markets. Built on next-gen technology, PCI-DSS compliant, Mystore offers a level-playing field and 360-degree e-commerce solutions to businesses irrespective of their size and industry vertical.


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