Making Mindfulness And Healing Fun And Relatable For The Youth

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Law of Attraction, Positivity Practice, Manifestation, these words are a part of every book, every conversation. We are told to think a certain way for good things to happen, we are asked to stop worrying, to stop living our lives in fear but what we are not told is how to do it. How to change our behavioural instincts and start a new lifestyle-a more holistic one? 

There are a million of healing workshops and techniques available online as well as offline, each fancier and more fabulous than the other but how about understanding the basics first?  

Thats where Shah steps in. A certified Inner Child Healer and Breathwork Facilitator (from the Life Research Academy in Hyderabad, under Doctor Newton Kodvanti’s guidance), Natascha Shah is also a Manifestation Coach and a Crystal worker. During a month long break in Rishikesh, Shah also learnt all about herbs and their uses to balance emotions and energy. Her passion for wellness and her creative soul led her to start the wellness outfit Moonlit and Co . Through this she has been taking both individual sessions as well as group workshops. And has also conducted online mindfulness workshops for Corporates like Herbalife and Universities like AAFT, Noida.  

Her USP lies in the way her sessions are designed. The initial session introduces people to the basics. Answering questions like What is the Law of Attraction? How does it really work? How can we train our mind to be positive? How do we release all the pain and trauma that we carry within us? Why is it important to release it?  Along with diagnosing the emotional blocks through a beautiful and powerful technique called Breathwork. Once the blocks and energy point imbalances are diagnosed, different techniques like Inner Child Healing, guided meditations, Herbal infusions are used to unblock them.  

Natascha uses a combination of Art, Dance, Creative exercises and easy to practice rituals to make sure people don’t get intimidated and are able to include these practices in their daily lives.“If the sessions are too overwhelming people might discontinue, I want them to enjoy and feel relaxed as soon as the session begins, and to keep feeling lighter, empowered and enlightened as it progresses. That can only happen if the traditional healing techniques are modified according to today’s youth who is low on time and high on emotions,” says Shah. 

Shah has also developed a unique and creative way to manifest called Manifestation Drawings. She is the only person in the world to be offering this. It is a method developed after ten years of research and practice. “I used to do a lot of scripting (one of the most popular ways of manifestation) but then I realised as the whole concept is based on how much time, energy, focus and creativity is put in the process I though drawing would be a more effective manner. In the past two years Shah has made more than 500 Manifestation drawings for her clients using sacred symbols from world mythologies. 

Her clients have seen changes after five sessions itself. One of her client who was not able to conceive was able to do so within one year of hanging the Meditation Drawing next to her bed. Another one was able to get out of a toxic relationship, grow professionally and attract a great partner. “The whole process depends on faith that the client needs to have, thats always the first step, after which my work begins and the whole practice ends with surrendering to the power of the Universe.”  Her brand’s tagline is “The Universe Loves You,” and that’s also her life’s mantra  

Besides In-persons sessions, group workshops, Natascha also does home interiors based on the energy of the space, hosts wellness retreats in the mountains and creates beautiful healing jewellery. 

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