iHug Friendship Lamps Provide Social Support for Residents of Anaheim Aetna

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The city of Anaheim, California is home to thousands of people who are in need of friendship, support, and connection. To help bridge this gap, the city has developed a new program called ihug Friendship lamps. This program is designed to provide residents with a way to reach out and connect with others in their community.

The ihug Friendship lamps are small, interactive devices that allow two people to stay in touch with each other no matter how far away they may be. Each lamp is equipped with a unique code that can be registered with the ihug Friendship Lamp app. Once registered, users can activate the lamps by simply pressing the “hug” button on the app. When two people press the “hug” button at the same time, their lamps will light up in each other’s homes with a warm glow.

The ihug Friendship lamps offer a variety of features that can help to enhance social connection between residents. These features include an interactive chat system, a virtual whiteboard, and a shared photo album. The chat system allows users to send messages, check in with each other, and even play games together. The virtual whiteboard is a great way to stay organized and share ideas. Users can also use the shared photo album to share photos and videos with each other.

The ihug Friendship lamps are a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and neighbors in the city of Anaheim. With these lamps, residents can easily reach out and connect with others in their community, no matter how far away they may be. This program is a great way to foster social connection and provide residents with a sense of support and companionship.

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iHug Friendship Lamp – Shorty Classic

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