How To Sell Planes In GTA Online

Published: Jan 18th, 2023, 06:30

Want to sell your plane for some cash in GTA Online? Here is how to do it.


GTA Online allows players to own various assets, including Airplanes, Private Jets, Fighter Planes, Helicopters, and more. Although owning these aerial vehicles requires a lot of money, and most of the time in GTA Online, you won’t be utilizing these vehicles regularly. Therefore if you are short on money, you can sell the Planes you own for half the selling price.


Although owning an airplane in GTA Online requires you to purchase a Hangar, which can be bought from the Maze Bank Foreclosure website via your Eye Finder in-game Browser. There are a total of five hangars available in the game to choose from. Suppose you haven’t already purchased a Hangar. In that case, we suggest buying one of the Hangars available in Fort Zancudo, as it will allow you to gain limited access to the base without picking up any wanted level stars.


Once you buy a Hangar, you need to complete a setup mission with a Cuban 800 aircraft which you need to steal, and later it will be added to your Hangar. Once the setup mission is done, you can purchase any plane or helicopter from the Elitas Travel or the Warstock Cache & Carry. As mentioned, if you are short on money, you can sell your Aircraft for half the selling price, but it is not as simple as buying an aircraft. Here are the complete steps to sell planes in GTA Online:


Selling Planes In GTA Online

” alt=”Players need to own a workshop in Hangar to sell aircraft.” data-ezsrc=”” />Players need to own a workshop in Hangar to sell aircraft. (Picture: Rockstar Games/Arnab)

Selling any aircraft you own in GTA Online requires you to have a workshop in your Hangar. A workshop can be purchased for an additional $1,150,000. This will allow players to customize their airplanes and helicopters, equipping them with armory and weapons. Follow these simple steps to sell a plane in GTA Online:


  1. After equipping Workshop in your Hangar, hop in the Aircraft you want to sell.
  2. Press the button shown to go into the Workshop. For controller players, press the right button on the D-Pad, and for Keyboard and Mouse players, press E.
  3. Go to the Sell option, and you will be shown the amount you will be getting after selling your Aircraft.

Note: You won’t be able to sell the Pegasus Aircrafts, meaning once you buy them, they will be in your garage forever. However, those Aircraft can be customized and stored in your Hangar.

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