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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2nd February 2023

Google, TikTok, July and LSKD announced to speak at the #1 ecommerce event – The CLV Revolution Australia, hosted by Webprofits and Omniconvert. 


  • Brent Nicholls, Agency Lead from Google will join the growing list of marketing experts coming together on 22 February 2023 to discuss the increasing importance of Customer Value Optimisation specific to ecommerce retailers. 


  • Standout ecommerce brands July and LSKD are also confirmed to speak.  After experiencing outstanding success themselves, Zhoe Low, General Manager at July and James Reu, LSKD’s ecommerce manager will join an expert panel to discuss the must-have tools of success in running a profitable ecommerce business.


  • TikTok’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, Ben Panther will be joining an interactive creative session alongside experts from Melbourne based agency, Creative Converters, giving attendees the tools and education to help ecommerce brands unleash their creative side, connect with audiences, and drive revenue and growth.


  • Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend a session from Webprofits’ Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Fitzpatrick, on Unlocking the Power of AI for ecommerce Growth.


Key sessions and speakers  include:

  • Why CVO Is The Single Biggest Growth Opportunity For Ecommerce Businesses In 2023. Valentin Radu, CEO – Omniconvert
  • 5 Ecommerce Recommendations To Get Ahead Of Before March 2023. Justin Rondeau, President – InvisiblePPC
  • An Ecommerce CVO Growth Case Study: The Process & Potential. Ales Pokora, Growth Strategist – Webprofits
  • How Pet Circle Increases The Lifetime Value Of Its Customers. Negar Mokhtarnia, Director of Product Management – Pet Circle
  • Best Practices For Ecommerce Retention. Shanelle Mullin, Experimentation & Analysis Lead – Shopify
  • How Eucalyptus Uses The Principles Of CVO To Drive Customer Value. Tim Doyle, Founder – Eucalyptus
  • Riding the Waves of Change to Drive Profit, Efficiently. Brent Nicholls, Agency Lead – Google.
  • Advanced CVO: Understanding Your Customers Through Deep Psychology. Nicholas Mason, Head of Behavioural Marketing – Webprofits
  • TikTok Culture, Creative And Customer Loyalty In 2023. Hugh O’Donnell, Director of Growth & Molly Roseman, Creative Director – Creative Converters and Ben Panther, Strategic Partnerships Manager – TikTok.
  • How To Deliver A Personalised Omnichannel Customer Experience. James Guerin, Strategic Partnerships Manager – Klaviyo
  • Data Spotlight: Your Marketing Mix And Customer Lifetime Value. Kate Cook, Analytics Lead, The Lumery
  • Bonus Session: Unlocking the Power of AI for Ecommerce Growth. Ben Fitzpatrick, Chief Strategy Officer – Webprofits


Attendance to this full-day online conference is free, but pre-registration is required. For full event details, learn more here: 




Following the success of the inaugural global Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Revolution conference that took place in September 2022 in Bucharest with over 18,000 ecommerce businesses in attendance, Webprofits and Omniconvert are bringing The CLV Revolution to Australia on 22 February 2023; a full one-day online event and the first event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. 


The event provides a unique opportunity for ecommerce professionals working within APAC to hear from experts from across the industry and learn how to build sustainable ecommerce growth through Customer Value Optimisation. The event is free to attend, pre-registration is required. 


Paul Sprokkreeff, CEO of Webprofits says, “There are huge shifts in the e-commerce landscape, the brands that are dominating this space are those focused on retention rather than acquisition, using Customer Lifetime Value optimisation to scale and future proof their businesses in this challenging economic climate.”


Valentin Radu, CEO of Omniconvert says, “Profit is what keeps your business growing, and there are many ways to increase your net margin. But to make a difference, you have to understand that not all customers bring revenue equally. Instead of guessing why your quarterly reports have less attractive numbers each time you check them, you can use Customer Value Analysis to understand your customers and drive your efficiency to new heights.”




There’s a shift happening. From clicks to relationships, from strangers to customers. 

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is now the #1 way for ecommerce brands to acquire smarter, retain better, grow margins and stand out from the crowd in our increasingly complex and competitive digital landscape.

As the economic climate shifts and budgets tighten, it’s now more crucial than ever to focus optimisations inwards, to grow revenue without increasing ad spend. 

Customer Lifetime Value optimisation improves profitability by lowering acquisition costs. Being able to scale your customer acquisitions to new heights, allows brands to race past the competition as those who can afford to pay the least to acquire the most customers WIN in the competitive ecommerce market.


About Webprofits 

Established in 2006, Webprofits are Direct to Consumer (DTC) marketing specialists utilising performance marketing led by consumer insights. Great execution is no longer enough. 

The brands that are WINNING today are those who understand their customers better than anyone else. We help brands drive record-breaking results through in-depth consumer research combined with strategy-led performance marketing execution.

We believe there’s always a smarter and better way of doing things, which means we’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of how an agency can help its clients drive record-breaking growth through digital marketing.

About Omniconvert

We’re a team of people that want to empower marketers around the world to create marketing campaigns that matter to consumers in a smart way. 


We help data-driven marketers around the world to understand, segment, convert & retain customers. Omniconvert helps you turn one-time buyers into lifetime advocates.

Explore how ING increased their lead generation rate by 20% 




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