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When you enroll in the computer science bachelor programme at the University of London (UoL) offered on Coursera, you’re not only learning computing skills that will open the door to sought-after technology careers, you’re plugging into a community of enthusiastic learners from around the world. We spoke to five students about their decision to pursue a degree in computer science, their online learning experience at UoL, and how community has benefited them along the way. 

Kyle is a first-year computer science student based in Malawi. “As an aspiring game developer, the very first thing I wanted to do was make video games. I wanted to get started building the biggest, most intricate game I could think of, but the question was always how? Having explored a few free programming courses I knew immediately that I was lacking fundamental knowledge in computer science, and after completing the first year of the BSc Computer Science degree from the University of London I have learned about programming as a whole, which I believe will now help me achieve my goals in video game development. The degree has not only opened my eyes to the possibilities of computer science, but I have also been fortunate enough to meet and make friends with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about computer science.”

Cynthia is a second-year computer science student who lives in Taiwan. She had no prior experience in computer science, but wanted to start a new career in the quickly growing field. “I joined the BSc Computer Science programme as a beginner. Studying this programme at the University of London has allowed me to create a path for my own future. I am so grateful to have been able to explore various opportunities and meet different people from all over the world with a range of professional backgrounds, as in the future I would love to work abroad. Being exposed to this insight now will help me to understand the opportunities and challenges which have supported my individual growth and development.” 

Growth and development are two core pillars at the University of London. Founded in 1836, the university has a global reputation for molding students into innovative professionals and helping those in the workforce to advance in their careers.

Lennie, a second-year computer science student from South Africa, joined the programme to move forward at his job. “Having completed a diploma in software development in 2001, I wanted to create the opportunity to advance my career by undertaking further study. I chose the BSc Computer Science programme with the University of London as it is an internationally recognised institution that has good online ratings regarding its programme materials and the student experience. Now studying the programme, a great thing I recognise is its adoption of modern technology, enabling students to build skills within the most relevant areas of computer science such as learning popular programming languages like JavaScript.”

Caroline also enrolled in the programme to advance in her career and reach her fullest potential. The second-year student from Zimbabwe had this to say: “I am proud to have progressed from working as a general worker at a research company to being a University of London student who is now eligible for further and postgraduate study. From studying the BSc Computer Science programme my career has taken off! I have been able to make new connections which have led to further opportunities such as joining the space generation advisory council. I can now see a positive future for myself in which I hope to go on to achieve master’s and PhD level studies.”

Cherry, a second-year computer science student from Myanmar, also has a more positive career outlook thanks to the University of London and Coursera. “Before I started my journey with the University of London, I was just a dreamer who wanted to build reliable and creative software. The BSc Computer Science programme has opened my eyes and made it possible for me to explore various areas of computer science. As a result, I have found my passions in tech consulting, cybersecurity and web development and I now have the opportunity to pursue these passions and learn through video lectures and webinars. I am particularly grateful for the career support and development available during the programme including the webinar series ‘career essentials’ and the Bright Network internship experience offered during the programme.

While studying at the University of London programme I have also learnt the importance of developing core interpersonal skills and knowledge at the same time as pursuing academic achievements. Therefore, as someone who is preparing to start their career, I have received invaluable life lessons that I am truly grateful for.

An analogy that I believe demonstrates my experience with the University of London is that I imagine myself as a pencil and the BSc Computer Science programme as a sharpener. The programme is supporting me to become prepared for my career by providing me with the sharpest knowledge and skills needed, just like a sharpener, sharpening a pencil ready to draw a masterpiece.”

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