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After double-majoring in education and spending four years as a teacher, Megan realized the profession wasn’t for her. However, she wasn’t sure what her next step should be. She hoped her existing experience could translate to another career, but she wasn’t certain.

That’s when her cousin told her about the Google Project Management Professional Certificate. Megan enrolled and found the program flexible enough for her to learn while simultaneously working, managing her household, and applying for new jobs. 

In her applications, Megan mentioned her certificate enrollment and expected completion date, which helped catch employers’ eyes. And during her interviews, she tried to demonstrate how her experiences as a teacher gave her valuable project management skills. Right before Megan completed her program, she landed a position as a program manager at a higher salary than she expected.

Based on her experiences, Megan has 3 tips for people want to gain new skills but need to balance learning with their other obligations and responsibilities:

  • Make every moment count. “Take a hard look at how you spend your downtime and create habits that will help you reach your goals. I realized I spent a lot of my downtime scrolling mindlessly through social media. By becoming more intentional with my time, I could make progress in my course every day.”
  • Create small, attainable milestones. “I’d set mini goals so I could see tangible evidence of my progress. Then I’d find a reward for each goal I achieved.”
  • Think about your “why”. “It can be really challenging to focus on changing careers when you’re currently stuck in a position you don’t love. Remembering the reason why you decided to pursue a new career can help you focus on where you’re headed instead of where you’re at now.”

    Just like Megan did, you can begin laying the foundation for your next career move. If you are interested in building in-demand job skills, consider enrolling in a Google Professional Certificate program. 

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