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January went by, and with it, probably most of our New Year’s resolutions. But don’t quit just yet! Think about picking up yoga, a workout routine that helps you relieve stress, sleep better, boost your mood and build the toned body of your dreams. It’s the perfect exercise to achieve the goal that’s always at the top of our resolutions list: a healthy body and mind. Where can you practice yoga? Check out these South Florida yoga studios for the new yogi in you.


If you’re looking to connect with the rhythm of your breath or elevate your fitness, this Midtown Miami-based yoga studio offers six different types of yoga classes, each focusing on specific bodily benefits like flexibility, strength, mobility and mindfulness. First time trying? Join Y6 101 to learn the basics of yoga through a full-body experience. Try Y6 Power if you’re looking for a more steady-pace strength-building class to keep you energized or Y6 Mix to combine all six classes for those unsure about which class to take. Whether a beginner or a Bakasana (crane pose) pro, Yoga Six has something for everyone.

Where: 3900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

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Yoga Joint

More than just a place that makes you look good on the outside, Yoga Joint helps members connect with themselves to feel even better on the inside. What makes this studio unique is how accessible its classes are. Download the app and choose from Flow, FIIT, Restore or all three classes from the comfort of your living room or hotel room, and break a sweat to energetic music and empowering instructors. What’s better, join their yoga retreat for the ultimate yoga experience in the world’s most beautiful destinations. On next month’s travel itinerary: Cabo San Lucas!

Where: 698 Yamato Road, Boca Raton

For more information, visit

Atha Yoga Shala & Spa

At Atha Yoga, beginners and experts alike can enjoy three types of yoga classes: Hatha and Vinyasa, which include movement, breath and concentration and Raja, a slow-moving meditation to rejuvenate and heal physical and emotional stress. This Delray Beach studio follows the Yamas (self-regulating behaviors) and Niyamas (personal practices related to your inner world), also known as the yoga ethical code of conduct, which outlines what one should and should not do for both the physical and mental practice.

Where: 2219 Seacrest Blvd., Delray Beach

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Located at Arlo Wynwood, the first hotel in this trendy part of Miami, YO BK will help you meet your fitness goals in 2023. Bring your water bottle, towel and yoga mat and get ready to immerse yourself in this mindful practice. Whether you choose in-studio, outdoors or online classes, at YO BK, every class adapts to every level, from HIIT with weights to Yin-style yoga.

Where: 2335 N. Miami Ave., Miami

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SOL Yoga 

For some, yoga is simply a workout routine to gain more strength and flexibility. For others, especially for those who master the techniques and different poses, it’s the SOL, the Secret Of Life. The studio’s name refers to how yoga helps people find a more balanced, connected, joyful and grateful being, both on and off the mat. SOL’s mantra is all about feeling good inside and out, which is why this Fort Lauderdale studio offers each of its classes in an infrared-heated studio, a kind of heat that penetrates beyond the skin, detoxicating the body of heavy metals while reducing aging and increasing mobility. Join SOL Flow to feel stretched, strengthened and connected or SOL Sculpt for a full body workout that uses your body weight to strengthen and tone.

Where: 835 NE 2nd Ave., Fort Lauderdale

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Sunset Beach Yoga 

Nothing is more wholesome than practicing mindfulness outdoors while enjoying nature and breathing in sea salt minerals. Since 2010, Sunset Yoga in Delray Beach has been welcoming all ages and levels of expertise. People come together to disconnect from their hectic routines, tune in with nature and practice asanas (yogic postures) to relieve stress and tension. What’s more, you can follow up your exercise with a dip in the ocean or an alfresco picnic.

Where: Atlantic Dunes Park Beach – 1605 S. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach

For more information, visit

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