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Anabolic steroids for sale apart from their therapeutic indications are known for their ability to alter the physique, fitness and strength in a way that you can perform exceptionally well in the world of bodybuilding. Among all the anabolic steroids is the synthetically produced version of testosterone which is testosterone enanthate.

Testosterone holds a strong position in helping the body building community in achieving the optimum level of fitness and physique to perform effectively. In the following article we will discuss in detail regarding a prodrug of testosterone that is available by the name of testosterone enanthate.

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Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone inside both male and female body. Testosterone is very essential for males from the fitness and health perspective. This is ana anabolic and androgenic hormone that is responsible for:

  1. Development and maturation of secondary characteristics such as body hairs and voice deepening.
  2. Helps in improving bone (osseous) density.
  3. Growth and development of tissues and muscles.
  4. Production of red blood cells.
  5. Overall smooth and normal hormonal balance of the body.

Any condition that can lead to deficiency of testosterone is termed as hypogonadism and can greatly affect the quality of muscles, health and overall well-being. In case of deficiency synthetic version of testosterone is taken and it is available in the ester forms. Multiple esters are produced such as testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate and testosterone hydroxybenzyl carbonate and all of these esters are injectable testosterone.


Testosterone enanthate is the artificially produced androgenic anabolic steroid that acts as an agonist of androgenic receptors. It has the ability to produce intense androgenic and mild anabolic effects in the body. It was produced back in the year 1954 as an ester prodrug of testosterone. It has the same chemical nature as the biologically produced testosterone.


There are also authentic and licensed vendors who have established businesses from where one can buy testosterone enanthate for sale and thy have all sorts of authenticity certifications and high-grade steroids. You can order from them; they have well-established websites that offer large number of product options and all updated relevant information and recent advancements.

You can order your required testosterone dosage from online portals. They offer online delivery through simple online order placement and ensure that steroid is delivered safe through discreet packaging and superior quality delivery services. They have customer friendly rules and a helpline desk that is working round the clock to address any queries and keep updating the website as per the demands of the clients.


As far as the bodybuilding is concerned they can buy test E as it is highly effective in terms of:

  1. Fat cutting
  2. Muscle building
  3. Improving muscle quality
  4. Increasing strength
  5. Improving endurance

It is equally effective in helping women by improving muscle quality and increasing strength and endurance, improving mental health and ensuring optimal Musculo-skeletal and circulatory health.


Testosterone is available in varying doses such as 300mg and 250mg, you can buy testosterone online both are injectable form and available online. Testosterone enanthate 250mg is injected intra-muscularly every 15th to 30th days till the end of the cycle. Both the doses have more or less same effects the difference is that per ML of 250mf has 250mg of active substance and 300mg has 300mg of the active ingredient.

Bodybuilders buy testosterone enanthate 300mg because so far it is the most potent and effective testosterone ester that can serve the purpose well. It is manufactured in injectable form and is available in vials. The concentration per ML is 300 milligrams of active testosterone enanthate.

It is administered intra-muscularly and a dose of 200mg to 400mg is usually prescribed which is to be injected every 2 to 4 weeks. As it is anabolic steroids so it also has some of the side effects associated with it and some of the adverse effects can be alarming. Due to the benefits the side effects are still overlooked and it is used by the body builders for improving their performance.


Testosterone production just like all other aspects decline with advancing age and can lead to a large number of psycho-somatic disorders. Fertility affects and physiological and psychological challenges can be faced. In order to compensate for that deficiency replacement therapies like TEST E are used.

At times higher levels are only required to achieve fitness goals by the bodybuilding communities. Testosterone enanthate can affect the health in the following ways:

  1. Boosts male health
  2. Acts as an appetite booster
  3. Improves density of bones in males and females specifically after menopause (post-menopausal osteoporosis)
  4. Studies shows it also helps in preventing tumors and breast related cancers.


Testosterone enanthate is the androgenic anabolic steroid, that acts on the androgenic receptors present in different tissues and cells of the body. It brings about its effects by the following ways:

  1. It ensures nitrogen retention. Stores abundant nitrogen in muscles and tissues. Nitrogen is a crucial building block of the bases found in the amino acids and multiple amino acids link up to form chained amino acids and then these chains are linked up and combine to form different types of proteins. So, by storing nitrogen through nitrogen retention, it is indirectly supporting protein synthesis.
  2. Also helps in regeneration of muscles that involves firstly recovery of the muscles and secondly production of new muscle fibers. This repairing and addition is very essential for the increment of muscles in number and size.
  3. Erythropoiesis, is the increased production of red blood cells. Increased red blood cell increased oxygenation potential of the blood ensures more oxygen and nutrition is delivered to the muscles. More fuel in the form of ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) is provided to muscles.
  4. Increase in muscle mass, improved bone density results in stronger muscles and increase in strength. Strong muscles can bear more weight.
  5. Increased energy levels and strong muscles can last longer during strength trainings and can bear more weights and hence, stamina and endurance increases.
  6. Due to muscle recovery ability, it also reduces post-workout recovery time and combats fatigue associated with training and calorie-stricken diet.
  7. Ensuring continuous supply of energy and long work-out helps in targeting fat deposits. Extra fat sheds and lean muscles take their place. Providing a lean and slim physique.


After running testosterone enanthate in cycle. One can expect reduction in the fat content and the body folds. Improved overall body condition, well-defined and rigid muscles, slightly raised systolic blood pressure and frontal hair loss especially in hereditary cases. Improvement in quality of muscles and strength was noted with the occurrence of some side effects which will be discussed further.


Side effects are as follows:

  • Commonly occurring side effects:
  • Gynecomastia in males
  • Acne outbursts
  • Pain or infection at injection site
  • Deepening of female voice
  • Menstrua irregularities
  • Amenorrhea
  • Excessive growth on body and face

Rarely occurring side effects:

  • High calcium levels in blood referred as hypercalcemia
  • High levels of bad cholesterol (LDL levels)
  • Raised red blood cells
  • Bleeding
  • Swollen extremities
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Cough
  • Troubled breathing
  • Heart attack in case of overdose
  • Stroke that can be fatal if not intervened timely.

These were the side effects so be very cautious while using it for performance enhancement. Consultation and supervised cycles are recommended to help you go smoothly with steroid and in case of any side effects consult the medical expert immediately.


Status of anabolic steroid is a very controversial topic, but there is a unanimous agreement that using anabolic steroids for the purpose of performance enhancement is banned and illegal. Testosterone enanthate is only available on prescription from drug stores for medical reasons. Any non-medical recreational purchase is not entertained.

The only channel left for procuring testosterone enanthate is through online portals from where you can buy steroids online. There are a number of dealers working in the dark market claiming to have genuine product but the reality is that they have under-dosed vials that are not that effective and can lead to overdosage and drug abuse to achieve the effects which can greatly affect the health. Most of the people are only out to make money nothing less. They offer cheap but sub-standard low-grade steroidal product.

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