Alondra Park Residents Rejoice as iHug Friendship Lamps Brighten the City

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Residents of Alondra Park, California were recently delighted to learn that their city was chosen as the site of a unique new public art installation. This installation is a series of interactive technology-based sculptures known as ihug Friendship lamps.

The ihug Friendship Lamp is the brainchild of artist and technologist Paul Pfeiffer. The project consists of a series of lamps that are connected to the internet and respond to touch. When a person touches one of the lamps, the light on the other lamps in the series will light up in response to the touch.

The lamps were chosen for Alondra Park after a public call for proposals. The lamps were installed in the park and are now providing a unique interactive experience for visitors. The lamps are designed to create a sense of connection and community among those who visit the park.

The ihug Friendship Lamp project is the first of its kind in the United States. The project has been a success and has been praised by many in the community. People feel that the lamps bring a sense of joy and connection to the park that can’t be found elsewhere.

The project has been a great success in Alondra Park and Pfeiffer plans to install more of the lamps in other cities in the future. The ihug Friendship lamps have been a source of joy and connection for the residents of Alondra Park and have been a great addition to the city.

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iHug Friendship Lamp – Shorty Classic

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