9 Best Online Marketplace Options for Your Business

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As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, many online marketplaces have emerged to make it easier for businesses to find customers. With so many avenues for online selling, there is a real opportunity for businesses to develop a loyal customer base and expand their business. We’ll look at some of the leading eCommerce marketplaces for this article and how online store owners can get started with selling on global marketplaces.

What Is an Online Marketplace?

An online marketplace is designed to give sellers a centralized place for online selling. Users can browse different product categories and sellers in one place, enabling them to find what they’re looking for quickly. Most users aren’t using Google or retail websites initially but instead, rely on marketplaces. The marketplace may be dedicated to a niche type of product category (e.g., handmade goods), or they can sell a broad category of products from retailers.

What Are the Benefits of Selling in an Online Marketplace?


For online sellers looking to expand their online business, there are many benefits to selling on an eCommerce marketplace, such as:

  1. Broad customer base: You can reach a much larger audience by working with an online platform
  2. Trust: Customers may not trust buying directly from a website, but selling products on an online marketplace helps with building trust
  3. Powerful digital marketing: Online marketplaces have more bandwidth and resources to invest in digital marketing that enables users to find your products. An eCommerce platform is one of the best digital marketing channels for your products.
  4. Advanced selling tools: Many platforms offer a variety of powerful tools for customer service, fulfillment, and logistics to make shipping easier for active buyers and sellers.
  5. More sales: Diversifying your sales channels gives you more opportunities to become profitable while ensuring you have multiple revenue streams coming in.

Top Online Marketplaces to Sell Crafts and Handmade Items

If you create your own handmade items and crafts, there are many platforms where you can start selling online. Going for established online marketplaces ensures that you have the resources needed, as these platforms are designed for third-party sellers. Here are some of the online sites to sell your products on:


1. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for a popular online marketplace where you can connect with local customers, Facebook Marketplace is a valuable eCommerce platform. You can post items without listing fees and advertise your products to local and international customers.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a leading online marketplace for handmade goods, crafts, and vintage items. Although there are marketplace fees involved for listed items, the platform has a vast global market share that has helped many Etsy sellers see success with selling items.

3. eBay


eBay is the largest online marketplace and one of the top eCommerce platforms out there. Customers can compare prices and shop around for handmade and other items, which is why the platform attracts many users. The eBay seller hub also gives sellers many tools to manage their product listings and quickly sell online.

4. Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is the largest eCommerce marketplace and one of the top online selling sites. On Amazon Marketplace, sellers can sell products made by them, as well as items such as electronics, books, and other products.

More of the Best Online Marketplaces for Small Business

Other marketplaces can be considered if you’re looking to start an eCommerce business that doesn’t necessarily rely on handmade goods. For example, there are options out there that cater to wholesale shopping and online stores customers can shop at.

5. Newegg

For consumer electronics, PC parts, and other tech goods, Newegg is one of the best options in online markets. Newegg has marketing and merchandising programs available to help sellers drive traffic to their products and sell more.


6. JD Worldwide

JD Worldwide enables a third-party seller to connect to customers globally, including tapping into high-potential markets, including Chinese customers. In addition, brands and suppliers can use JD Worldwide for cross-border selling and provide more options for customers who shop online.

7. Walmart Marketplace

Walmart has recently entered the world of online selling platforms with Walmart Marketplace, which allows sellers to sell their products to Walmart customers. It’s one of the fastest-growing eCommerce sites, with plenty of tools to help sellers increase sales.

8. Bluecart

If you’re seeking options for wholesale, Bluecart is one of the leading e-commerce companies with a fast-growing wholesale marketplace. It’s useful for food and beverage products and is perhaps a bit more niche than other online marketplace options.

9. Faire

Faire is another eCommerce site offering wholesale options for handmade goods and crafts. For businesses looking to grow outside of selling on their own website and expand to other stockists, Faire brings together eCommerce companies and brands for exclusive wholesale deals.

What is Better for Online Sales: Amazon, Etsy, or eBay?

If you’re trying to decide between selling on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay, it’s essential to consider what customers are looking for on each platform. Amazon has the largest audience and doesn’t charge sellers listing fees for their eCommerce store. Many great selling tools are also available to help sellers manage listings.


eBay can be used in two ways: Add items as online auction users can bid on with the highest bidder purchasing the products or by setting a selling price as a buy now option (e.g., no bidding). The fees vary for listing items depending on whether it’s set up as an auction item or bought directly. One of the primary draws for eBay as a seller is that it has a massive list of product categories for sellers and a wide user base.

Etsy is primarily used to sell handmade goods and crafts and is a bit more niche comparatively. However, Etsy charges a small listing fee for products listed and a transaction fee on sold products. As a result, Etsy attracts a dedicated audience and is one of the primary sites that comes up when users search on Google shopping.

What Is the Best Marketplace to Sell Online?

There are many marketplaces available to make your products available for online shopping. Amazon is a global marketplace with the largest customer base compared to other platforms, with excellent performance in search engines, making it the best platform to sell items on.

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